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LA-MVPB Distinguished Awards

Special Volunteer Award

Without the commitment of our volunteers, we could never succeed as an organization. Each year over 300 parents and friends of the Los Altos/Mountain View community step up to the plate to help on a wide variety of tasks that make LA-MVPB a great organization including coaching, umpiring, tryouts, registration, fund-raising, field improvements, snack shack, and many, many more. Beginning in 2001, LA-MVPB decided to honor one of these volunteers who had gone above and beyond the call of duty each year.

NOTE: The Golden Sprinkler Award was a special 2014 award for excellence in field maintenance.

Year Year Year Year
2001 Mary Ellen Yli-Sikkila 2002 Darryl Thom & Pat Kavanagh 2003 Larry Petrill 2004 Jon Gass
2005 George Feliz 2006 Greg Chakerian & Rich Siegel 2007 Dan Demuth 2008 Robin Bengle
2009 Christina Johnson 2010 John McMullen 2011 Eric Woerz 2012 Krissy Cabot
2013 Curtis Banks 2014 Scott Yeaman 2014 Steve Bachman (Golden Sprinkler Award) 2015 Austin Ghiossi, Brian Gounod

Golden Spike Award

All members of our Board of Directors work hard to complete their volunteer duties. Responsible for the entire Board is the President. Once each year, the President bestows special honor on one or two fellow Board Members with the Golden Spike Award. These chosen Board Members have gone above and beyond the call of duty making Los Altos-Mountain View PONY Baseball a better organization for their special efforts. As a non-profit baseball organization, it is fitting the Golden Spike Award is simply made with a 10 inch spike driven through a baseball way beyond its prime.

Year Year Year Year
1995 Carl Kolich 1996 Ed Mussman & Pat Saign 1997 John DiCello 1998 Andres Buser
1999 Sergio Ciccolella 2000 John Love 2001 Dan Bertolet 2002 Andy Palay
2003 Amy Mueller 2004 Kevin Cabral 2005 Ken Law 2006 Carl Gutekunst
2007 Bob Ruweler 2008 Kevin Smith 2009 Mark Cabot 2010 Bob Gounod
2011 Byron Young 2012 Paul Valentino 2013 Dave Perrino 2014 Eric Geffon
2015 John Murphy

Past Presidents

Los Altos-Mountain View Pony Baseball derives much of its strength from the hard work and vision of presidents. The hours are long, the pay is zero and the rewards are many. We honor —

1986-1988 Jim Wilson 1989-1991 Tom Hunter 1992-1994 Glynn Morris 1995-1998 John Love
1999-2001 Skip Mueller 2002-2004 Tom Davis 2005-2006 Rob Ronconi 2007-2008 John Verducci
2009-2010 Ken Law 2011-2012 Kevin Smith 2013-2014 Byron Young