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Congress Springs Public Baseball Park

Location: Congress Springs is a public baseball park at 12970 Glen Brae Drive, just west of the Highway 85 / Saratoga Road junction, in Saratoga.

Used by: Pony Division (ages 13-14). This is a home field for Saratoga Pony Baseball. LA-MV teams play here as part of our Interlock with Saratoga.

Parking: Congress Springs Park has a small parking lot close to the Pony diamond, and a large long lot on the other side of the railroad tracks, spread out parallel with the Little League fields. There is also limited street parking along Glen Brae Drive that is very close to the Pony field.

Fields: Field 1 (closest to Glen Brae Drive) is the Pony field, with an 54/80 grass infield diamond, bleachers, and enclosed dugouts. Fields 2 through 7 include 46/60 Little League diamonds and smaller diamonds for Farm League and T-ball.

Facilities: Restrooms, snack shack, playgrounds, picnic areas.

Please Respect the Neighborhood around the park! Although bordered by railroad tracks and a freeway, access to Congress Springs Park is via 25MPH residential streets. Please respect the homeowners in the area by staying within the speed limits, parking only in designated locations, staying off private property, and minimizing noise away from the field. Note too that we of LA-MV PONY are guests on this field that is used and paid for by Saratoga PONY, Saratoga Little League, and the City of Saratoga; we need to show the same care and respect we would show when visiting anyone else's home. For more information please read our Good Neighbor Policy.