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Cooperstown Club Team Program

John Kim

John Kim

Club/Tournament Director


Each year, LA-MV Pony Baseball has a Cooperstown Dreams Park 12U Tournament Entry to send a team to Cooperstown, New York to play competitive baseball against teams from all over the country. If your player is interested, please register ASAP for both regular season and club because we need to form these teams in the winter. In addition, please contact John Kim, LA-MV Club/Tournament Director, via email at for more information.

LAMV Mavericks in Cooperstown

Cooperstown is the home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Teams from the United States, Canada and Mexico play six preliminary games before being seeded into a single-elimination tournament. View more information at Cooperstown Dreams Park.

LA-MV Club Team Description

The Club Team Program is designed for those players who desire a more intense baseball experience within our League. Club Team members, both players and coaches, are expected to put forth considerable time, effort, and commitment beyond that for a typical regular season. Participants will be rewarded with more frequent playing opportunities under more challenging circumstances with more intensive coaching and training. Players who wish to extensively vacation with family or friends during the Club Team season, who have personal or academic restrictions, who are playing on another travel baseball team or a non LA-MV team, or who have other time-consuming commitments are encouraged not to sign up for this program.

Club Team players and coaches participate on two teams - a regular season team and a Club Team.

Cooperstown Roster

The Cooperstown club team is intended for 12-year olds registered for the Bronco Division. While the league expects to fill the team with 12-year olds, 11-year olds may try out and would be eligible for the team, space-permitting.

The purpose of the Cooperstown trip is to provide this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our 12-year olds to experience the baseball atmosphere that is Cooperstown. Since many of the teams that compete at Cooperstown are year-round baseball club programs, LA-MV Pony is not sending our team with a win-at-all-costs attitude. The league does not expect to form a team that will contend for the championship, but rather expects to form a team that will be competitive and will represent the league favorably.

The goal for the league is to identify 12-13 players who are committed to playing on the club team and going to Cooperstown. The league may select a few players to be alternates. These players would be eligible to participate in club team activities through Memorial Day, and could be added to the Cooperstown team should the need arise.

Preparation for Cooperstown

The club team will begin practices in mid-January. The teams will play up to four tournaments from February through Memorial Day Weekend. The team may practice more than one day per week until the regular season teams are formed. Starting in late-February, the club team will have one or two practices per week. The team also may participate in a few doubleheaders.


The club team head coach will be chosen from the list of candidates who volunteer and the head coach will have a player on the team. The assistant coaches will be approved only after the team has been selected.

2018 Cost

The 2018 Cooperstown Club team registration fee is expected to be $1,600 per player. Parents are responsible for paying a $390 deposit prior to the club team tryouts. If the player makes the team, the balance is due in January. If the player doesn't make the team, the $390 deposit will be refunded. The $1,600 cost includes a club team memento hat and shirt, four "warm-up" tournaments prior to the Cooperstown trip, registration for Cooperstown Dreams Park (including lodging, food, baseball clothing), a set of souvenir pins, and the cost to transport a local umpire. Airfare for players is not included. Players and coaches stay in barracks along with all of the other players and coaches, per Cooperstown Dreams Park Rules.

The total cost does not include flight or ground transportation.

For more details about the LA-MV Club Team Program, please visit the Club Team page.