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E-Mail Send any questions you have about LA-MV Pony Baseball to our general information E-mail box. Your question will be answered promptly by one of our Directors. Send any question regarding the background check process for coaches.
Webmaster Contact the webmaster for site related issues only.

If you have a question that relates to a specific division, you can send E-mail directly to one of our Division Directors. Or you can contact any LA-MV Board Member.


This site does not accept Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE). We don't care whether you are selling batting gloves, training videos, photography services, lawn mowers, or plastic cases for baseballs: if we didn't ask you for it, we don't want it. If you send us what appears to be one-to-one marketing, we will give you a polite but firm reply to never send us E-mail again. The second time, or the first time for Unsolicted Bulk E-Mail, the message will be forwarded to your ISP and to blocklisting services. The website is also seeded with traps to detect address harvesting, which is illegal under U.S. Federal Law. If you don't want your site blocked or the Federal Trade Commission breathing down your neck, then don't spam us and don't harvest our addresses.