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2024 Season

LA-MV League Regular Season

Visit the LAMV League homepage for games, standings and more is coming soon!!. Login credentials required.

Brian Gilbert

Brian Gilbert


How to Register

1. Determine the appropriate Division for your child

Using the Division Descriptions and Division Structure, decide upon the most appropriate division for your child based on his/her age, abilities, and baseball experience. Play-ups are discouraged. Our divisions have been carefully considered and are organized based on years of experience in Youth Baseball. While there are always exceptions to every rule please be aware that the possibility of players playing out of their respective "age-group" division are extremely remote. The divisions have been carefully designed to gradually progress players through their baseball experience. As a League we are not prone to allow "play-ups", though there are exceptions.

One more note, Mustang upward are ALL formed by a DRAFT – NOT by division director as with Pinto-2 and below. No players, with the exception of the Manager/Coach pairs, are guaranteed a spot on any specific team. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.

If your player meets the following criteria we will consider a play-up request, otherwise your player will be moved into the age-appropriate division for the evaluations and subsequent draft, for Mustang and above.

The criteria are:

  1. There is a "grade-level" related issue where the Pony or lower player wants to remain with their classmates, or
  2. The player was a "Blue-level" All Star the previous year in the division below the currently requested division, or
  3. If there is a sibling issue, or
  4. The player ranks in the top 25% of the player evaluations for the division registered.

Also, younger players now signed up for an advanced division would be eligible for the age-specific club and all-stars if they remain in the age-appropriate division. However, should they place in an upper division, they would need to compete with older players for club and all-star slots. For example, 8-year olds signed up for Mustang would have been eligible for 8U club and all-stars if they remained in Pinto-2. However, should they remain in Mustang, they would need to compete with 9-year olds for club and all-star slots. If, as a parent you would like your player to have exposure to more competitive play, we would strongly encourage you to keep the player in the age-appropriate division and sign them up for the Club program which offers players an opportunity to play at a higher level of competition.

2. Register Online.

The 2022 registration is open.

The Registration "2024 Season" is not currently available.

2020 Fees

Shetland Pinto 1 Pinto 2 Mustang Bronco Pony Colt Palomino
Age on August 31 4-6 7 8 9-10 11-12 13-14 16U 19U
Season Fee $175 $250 $250 $295 $315 $345 Ask Coach Ask Coach
Deadline Feb 28, 2021 waitlist afterwards Feb 28, 2021 waitlist afterwards Feb 28, 2021 waitlist afterwards Feb 28, 2021 waitlist afterwards Feb 28, 2021 waitlist afterwards Feb 28, 2021 waitlist afterwards
Club Team Fee $390 $390 $390 $390 $390 $390

Financial assistance is available.