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LA-MV PONY Baseball is an instructional league. Our purpose is not to build championship baseball teams or future MLB Hall of Famers, but to have fun and build our community. Our priorities are:

  1. Teach life skills.
  2. Build a love for the game.
  3. Create some great memories.
  4. Teach the fundamentals of baseball.

The order is deliberate. Teamwork, respect for self and others, and sportsmanship are skills applicable to all walks of life. Fans who love the game pass that love along to their children, keeping America's game forever fresh and alive. Memories are forever; even if a child plays only a few years, we want them to remember the times they played baseball as some of the best times of their life.

And we're teaching baseball. We know that most youth baseball players — even 12 year old All Stars — will stop playing competitively before they reach High School. Our goal is to build a base of skills so that if the kid's body develops the right way, and if he or she still wants to play competitively in High School, they will be able to do so.

A key element of all our programs is PONY Baseball's incremental divisions. These use age-appropriate rules, allow kids to play with other kids their age, and gradually introduce the complete game of baseball.

LA-MV Pony Baseball currently offers the following programs:

  • Our Baseball Training Program is among the best in the country. Some of our most experienced coaches provide “hands on” training for newer coaches, and we partner with the South Bay's finest schools and academies to provide small and large group training sessions for our players and coaches.
  • The Regular Season is the heart of our Everyone Plays Real Baseball philosophy. Practices start in March, with games running through June.
  • Our Club Team Program, the first of its kind in the Santa Clara Valley, provides an opportunity for the most skilled and motivated players to play more competitively and advance their skills while remaining within the LA-MV PONY organization. Practices start in early February and games run concurrently with the Regular Season.
  • Post Season Play continues after the Regular Season is complete. A select number of players who best exemplify the goals of LA-MV PONY baseball and who can help build the best possible teams are invited to participate on All Star Teams. Post season play starts Memorial Day weekend and can run through August.
  • Cooperstown Club Team (new since 2010) Los Altos-Mountain View Pony Baseball has been sending a 12-year old Club Team to Cooperstown, New York in June to compete in a 104-team tournament. Tryouts and practice schedules will be posted shortly.

Please feel free to direct any questions you have regarding any of our programs to info. Your question will be answered within one or two days.